Wednesday, December 3, 2008


There is nothing better than eating chaats from the gaddi and topping it with sugarcane mouth is watering.This time when I went to India, I went twice to the gaddi opposite st. alousious college in light house road.However, I did not taste their famous charmuri as I was not sure whether they will taste good(somehow, chaat and puffed rice dont fall into the same category).But when soufanammai told me that charmuri is one of the best chaats, I wanted to taste it.Since there is no "gaddi" in qatar, I decided to prepare charmuri at home. With a little research in the internet and soufanammai's advice on the major ingredients, I prepared them and they came out really good. The only problem is that puffed rice gets soggy very fast.Anyway,herez the recipe:

4 cups puffed rice
2 handfuls of congress kadlekai
2 onions, chpped very finely
1 tomato, chopped very finely
1 raw mango, chopped very finely
2 green chillies,sliced vertically
lemon juice, to taste
salt, to taste
red chilli powder, to taste

Mix all the ingredients and serve IMMEDIATELY.

Congress kadlekai is skinned and roasted peanuts mixed with a little oil, turmeric, hing, chilly powder, pepper and salt.
You can remove the green chillies before serving.

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